About Us

Healthyfoodbank.org serves our city

The Mission

I want to give back!  The MA Foundation is Detroit’s first healthy food bank!  We’re going to give hope and light back to people the way it was given to myself and my family. Through this foundation we will feed people with healthier food choices, vitamins supplements, and habit changing health information.  This mission will feed and change millions of people around the world!  I’m so grateful to be a part of this and look forward to tomorrow because every day is a blessing and opportunity to help somebody else.

IMG_0605My Belief

I believe when somebody is in need of food or money, regardless of who they are or what shape they’re in, it’s an opportunity for us to do a good deed!

I have helped cater to thousands of people in South Eastern Michigan and it all started in the downriver community.

My Story

Over 10 years ago there was a point in my life where I needed to only focus on work and saving money. I was in deep debt financially, and my family was struggling like never before. In the neighborhood and community that I grew up in that did not seem all that foreign. Throughout the challenging times I would take money that I did not have and continuously invest in my health by purchasing healthier foods, vitamins, gym memberships, and enrolling in martial arts programs.  The healthy food and exercise lifestyle always brought light into my life, like my children do today. The choices did not seem that hard for me to make. When I went shopping or spent the money on my health. They gave me hope and provided a way out of that time of my life. Eating healthy and making the little choices to be a healthier, stronger person gave me the balance I needed in the roughest time of my life. Those choices all eventually gave me the courage to leave my job, career, and a lot of money on the table to start a path in health. I knew that if I could do it myself in the toughest of times that it would be easier to explain to others that they can do the same as well. My family and I were so blessed to have been surrounded by the best type of people who supported us. Our friends, family, and neighbors never got in our way. They always said keep going!